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I'm Dong-Hyun Sim, Undergraduate at Sejong Univ. majoring in IME(Intelligent Mechatronics Engineering). Since 2017.
I have a big interest in AI(Artificial Intelligence) especially Deep Learning, IoT(Internet of Things), XR(eXtended Reality), Haptic Glove, 3D Printing and EVERYTHING THAT MAKES MY HEART BEATING!

Contact to me
As e-mail : sdh (at) kakao.com


2nd Sejong SW Hackathon / 2nd Prize
  • {Jun. 26th - Jun. 27th} 2017
  • Team topic : "Android Application about Seoul Children's Grand Park"

4th Sejong&KB Creative Volunteer Competition / 4th Prize
  • {Jun. 13th - Aug. 21st} 2017
  • Talent donation for students age between 7~14, taught 3D Printing, Arduino, etc

3rd Sejong SW Hackathon / 2nd Prize
  • {Dec. 19th - Dec. 20th} 2017
  • Team topic : "IoT smart building system for Daeyang AI Center in Sejong Univ."
  • Develop fine dust measurement and ventilation system, variable interior light brightness upon outside brightness, elevator operation, etc

5th Sejong&KB Creative Volunteer Competition / 3rd Prize
  • Oct. 19th, 2017 - Feb. 2nd, 2018
  • Team topic : "Research of recycling disposable plastic cafe mug, straw, lid of cup, etc"
  • Lead campaign with cafe located at school

UNIST×NAVER D2SF×LikeLion Hackathon / 3rd Prize
  • {Nov. 19th - Nov. 20th} 2018
  • Team topic : "Intelligent CCTV Chain"
  • Develop CCTV that detecting violence using Deep Learning and binds it with blockchain

2019 Seoul PM Hackathon / 5th Prize
  • {Jun. 26th - Jun. 27th} 2019
  • Team topic : "PM Mask Recommendation Depending On Personal State and Estimated Life Shortening Prediction"
  • Develop Android Application and Flask REST API for request personal health state of the user to mask recommendation and train Estimated Life Shortening Prediction Deep Learning model

2019 Sejong AI Idea Competition / 2nd Prize
  • Oct. 11th, 2019
  • Team topic : "Research of Management Water Quality System for Reflection Pond Using Vision"

2020 Pitching & Focused Mentoring Day / 3rd Prize
  • Sep. 04th, 2020
  • Startup Idea about Online Untact(No-Contact) Coding Education Lecture and Tools
  • Under developing


Undergraduate Research Member, MINESLAB, Seoul, South Korea
  • Apr. 2017 - Present

Talent donation at The Korean Children's Center
  • Jun. 2017 - Feb. 2018
  • Taught 3D Printing, Arduino, Machine Learning to age between 7~14

Captain of the Smarcle

Instructor of the Inflearn

Instructor of the Goorm EDU

Team Captain of Support Project by Ministry of Health and Welfare, Council on Social Welfare


Domestic Conference

International Journal
  • Coming Soon!